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Students’ Life

The Department provides accommodation for 4432 students, among them 1266 young girls (306 from EPLM).

Construction is in advanced stages by private entrepreneurs to set up new residences for UR’s young girls.

The carries out regular repairs and renovations on students’ residences, which includes the current installation of new bathroom for Kiza residence.

Its main activities are:

* To allocate accommodation to students

* To take care of the patrimony of university residences

* To contact the maintenance unit for possible repairs

* To fill in room application forms

* To sign departure forms

* To solve students’ housing problems

* To contact the finance unit for equipping students’ residences

* To see to the respect of the contract signed between UR and the company in charge of maintenance

* To see to the enforcement of the regulation

* To carry out all the tasks assigned by the Unit Head

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